Assign workflows automatically to speed up and simplify processes

As of now, program has automated assignment workflows-a feature that automatically assigns work to
team members when it’s ready to start. Customers can now automatically assign workflow phases: as
soon as a work enters a new phase, new managers are assigned and notified that they can begin their

With this approach, teams can deliver results faster, eliminating all latency and preventing rework,
because tasks are not assigned until all requirements are met and previous phases are completed. In the
meantime, your team members can focus on current priorities to optimize speed and quality, reducing
‘task change times’ and reducing stress.

Speed up the phases of a workflow by automatically assigning each phase
Define the individual stages of your workflow.
Assign the individual workflow phases to one or more team members.
Responsible persons are automatically notified as soon as the task enters a new phase.

How automatically assigned workflows are used
Simplify: Use automatically assigned workflows as a simple alternative to templates, or even within
Organize: Select projects and folders to use automatic assignment workflows.
Automate: Create request forms to create a task or project according to the needs of the customer from
a template – including automated assignment workflow.
Update or remove responsible persons at any time.
Visualize work in dashboards and reports, depending on their status.

Tips: When should you automatically use assigned workflows?

Create processes with flexible timelines.

Give specialists and external suppliers exact time frames.
Designate a solid team for an entire process.
Assign the work when the work is ready to start.
Give teams the ability to manage themselves and directly accept assignments.
Limit the view of certain workflows, such as legal or customer reviews.
The Forms workflow allows users to design, manage and optimize human-centric processes. The forms
workflow also allows users to manage automated business process applications that connect systems and

Each page of the Forms workflow in Administration Console lets you perform different sets of tasks

server settings• Configure e-mail settings
• Configure task notification for users
• Configure administrator notifications
• Configure configuration settings for Business
Activity Monitoring
Workflow for forms• Show active processes
• View and work with process instances, tasks, and
• Suspend, terminate and retry process instances,
subprocesses and operations
process search• Search for processes
job search• Search for tasks by user or task ID
Error – Suspended
• View all suspended operations and their errors
• Repeat or terminate stopped operations
absence• View the absence information of a user
• Change the user’s current status (either In Home or
Not In Home)
• Add an absence date range
• Specify how tasks should be handled while the user is
away from home
business Calendar• Show active processes
• View and work with process instances, tasks, and
• Suspend, terminate and retry process instances,
subprocesses and operations
• Create business calendars that define business days
and non-business days